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P O P C O R N  M A C H I N E

Zero Physical Input Needed

Autonomous Machine Controlled Via Bluetooth


Project Objective

The Project was developed by Professor Kempers of York University to develop a popcorn machine from scratch. the idea behind this project was to explore heat and mass flow and how it relates to the real world. My group and I wanted to take this project to the next level by adding many autonomous features. Therefore, we refined the traditional popcorn machine by adding autonomous features that could be controlled through. As the programmer and the CAD designer, I was able to implement many of my own ideas. Such as quantity of popcorn wanted, flavour and time needed. This way the user can be seated on their sofa and would just have to pick up the popcorn when it was finished. By using many servo motors, stress sensors, Bluetooth sensors and solid works I was able to create the model shown below.

Render Details

The customer starts off by initially plugging in the machine into a power outlet. Then the user fills the funnel located on the left side of the machine with popcorn kernels. The user then connects their smart phone device to the Bluetooth on the popcorn machine. After all this is done, the user can now sit back and relax for whenever they want popcorn from the comfort of their seat. They get to chose the portion size, flavour and time they want the popcorn. The user now only needs to refill the popcorn kernel funnel when it is empty and pick up the popcorn when it is finished. The normal size popcorn serving can be made under 2 minutes with flavouring. The popcorn kernels travel down from the funnel into the cooking chamber located on the left hand side. From there, the heat from the coil rings makes the kernels pop and the airflow from the fan located underneath make them rise and flow into the flavour chamber. Here, in the flavour chamber the flavour is shaken onto the popcorn, which then exit from the right side. A video is shown below of the final product in action.

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